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Custom Software Development


It all starts with a plan. We work with you to help bring your vision and ideas into reality. Wether single page or full product development we got you covered

Responsive Design

All of our web applications are developed with responsiveness at the forefront. So wether your audience is reaching you through a larger monitor or mobile browser we got you covered.


Security is in our soul. The owner and founder spent five years developing security software for the cloud. Making security not an after though but a first thought.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Have a existing SaaS product or are looking to get your next SaaS business off the ground? No problem we specialize in developing scalable custom SaaS products that fit your needs.


We develop all of our custom solutions with scale ability as a first class citizen. Wether you have one or a million visitors a day its our job to make your software performant and scalable in the cloud.


Our team is fluent in multiple databases. Including but not limited to MySQL, AWS Aurora, Postgres SQL and Cassandra

Technologies we love


The history behind Next Path Development LLC

  • 2019

    The next path begins

    In 2018/2019 our founder was working as an R&D engineer scalling terabytes of log data. In 2019 feeling the need for more our founder left the corporate world behind to start Next Path Development LLC

  • May 2019

    We have lift off

    Seeking more challenging problems to solve our founder set off to begin Next Path Development LLC.

  • May 2019

    First of many

    In May of 2019 Next Path Development LLC lands its first contract.

  • 2022


    During 2022 we plan on expanding our team to further assist our customers with their next path.

  • Let us build your next path!

Andrew Medeiros

Founder & CEO

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